• Hangers for show rooms and shops

Hangers for show rooms and shops

This is the most innovative section of our website and is especially dedicated to clothes hangers for shops, hangers for sets of samples or clothes hangers for show rooms. Here you will find a wide range of prestigious MADE IN ITALY wooden hangers, including clip hangers; all customisable with silk-screen printing or even laser engraving; they have that special glamour that has conquered MSC CROCIERE, the Italian cruise company, which uses our hangers to fit out their prestigious ships.

We also have imported wood hangers, such as birch wood hangers, distinctive for their particular shape and exclusive curved design thanks to the great flexibility of this type of wood that bends with heat without breaking.

For those who crave a more technical, modern style we also offer metal, iron and aluminium hangers: these are certainly unusual modern hangers that are very classy. This is why our COIN OVS customers preferred them for their exclusive stores.

At last, our rubberised hangers are definitely worth seeing: available in various shapes and colours, they offer a new way for clothes hangers thanks to their special finish.