• Oviesse hangers range

Oviesse hangers range

The OVIESSE coat hanger product line is completely dedicated to children.
Available in one colour, pearl grey, easily adaptable to any decoration; all hangers are fitted with a long hook, suitable for automatic warehouses. The OVS logo is imprinted directly on the coat hangers and it is flat and green.
This product line includes a flat outerwear hanger that varies from 23 cm to 40 cm, suitable for hanging any type of children’s t-shirt, sweater or dress as it is lightweight, practical and occupies very little space; an outerwear hanger with a more convex shoulder available in just one size, 27 cm, fitted with or without a bar and suitable for all types of coats and suits thanks to its wider shoulder; traditional hooks available in two sizes, 23 cm and 30 cm, suitable for hanging any type of children’s trousers and skirts.