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Product Catalogue

The range of products we offer is complete and includes all types of hangers, from thicker hangers for jackets and coats to slimmer space-saving hangers, including traditional hangers for shirts and sleeveless dresses.

The length of our hangers vary from 24 cm for children and newborns to 48 cm for men and oversize clothes.
We have nine types of hangers with clips suitable for hanging skirts and trousers; devised to provide maximum grip along with an aesthetically pleasing design. Our entire production of hangers can be customised for various solutions and in various colours. This section is under continuous development.
The special hangers we produce for underwear, lingerie and corsets combined with our accessories help complete our production. We have size markers imprinted with all sizes as well as our innovative tubes; a range of clips for shirts and piggy back hanger attachments for coordinated garments; a vast selection of customisable garment seals, tag seals and clips for different packet sizes.
We also have a section dedicated for shipping, offering packing boxes for hanging clothes fitted with bar supports and including even the useful plastic security seals for shipping.
Special care is given to hangers designed for shops, show rooms and sets of samples. This section includes elegant wooden hangers, innovative metal or aluminium hangers and even hangers with a special rubber-coating finish.
L.A.M.P.’s main goal is to search for advanced solutions in terms of functionality, design and security of plastic hangers that are offered to our customers through an efficient and accurate service.