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In our large range of accessories for packaging we have even thought to the transport of them, for that reason we offer packaging for hanging clothes, supports for packaging and security seals.

Made with cardboard thick and strong, the boxes packaging come in two different type: the first one with large base of 50x60cm and the second one with a smallest base of 50x30cm, in the first the height of the packaging may vary from cm. 100, 120, 130 or 140, while in the second there is a single variant from cm. 100. Tied to packaging there are the plastic supports that, besides standard dimensions always in stock (cm. 30 and 60), can also be produced in other custom sizes on request. L.A.M.P. however, also believed to security of the clothes during the shipment and, therefore, in the accessories for packages and shipments also includes security seals that are available in a single color variant, neutral, and in sizes from 4 cm 18, 13, 16, 25.