• Coin striped black hanger range

Coin striped black hanger range

The COIN coat hanger range is completely dedicated to this great brand widely known throughout Europe. Available in one colour, striped black, which creates a special, pleasant visual effect; all hangers are fitted with a long hook (required for automatic warehouses) as well as with a plastic label imprinted with the COIN logo, flat and white, which conveys brand identification.
This product line includes all types of hangers: outerwear hangers for jackets and suits fitted with or without a trouser bar; slim hangers fitted with or without ribbed ends, suitable for shirts, t-shits, tank tops, shoulder strap clothes in general; clip hangers for trousers and skirts.
Outerwear hangers can be finished with a non-slip coating or covered with a velvet finish on the shoulders to keep garments from slipping, whereas trouser hangers are fitted with foam bars.