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Customised Hangers

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All of our wooden and plastic hangers can be customised with the customer’s logo in various ways. This section is under continuous development.
Typical flat labels for our plastic hangers are always fashionable, imprinted by silk-screen printing or embossing or hot-pressed; they can be applied to all models. Shapes can vary from traditional oval shapes to rectangular shapes, embossed along the perimeter of the logo or with a magnifying glass effect.
Most models can also be customised by transferring the logo precisely onto the hanger. The logo can be either flat or embossed. We also have hot-pressed customised hangers with a complete velvet finish, obtaining a unique result.
Customisation on wooden hangers can also be done through laser engraving, pad printing in various colours or with an iron plate; it may also be finished with leather for a unique touch.